Why the Lumavine Mini LED Lantern is a Must-Have Outdoor Product

As an experienced camper, hiker and rock climber, I have received numerous products over the years to test their design, functionality, and use in outdoor environments.

Some of these products include technical clothing, lighting prototypes, lightweight bags, and climbing tools. Many products I have received have performed great; others, not so much.

Of all products I have used and tested, one remains on my personal “Top 5” list: the Lumavine.  

This awesome little gadget is truly remarkable and something I bring on every trip or excursion. Whether camping, climbing, hunting, ski touring, mountaineering – it’s in my bag.

The reason is simple…the Lumavine is simple. Weighing only 65 grams, it is light enough to not have to second guess on whether or not to bring it along. Weight is always a problem. With so many gizmos and gadgets out there today, it’s difficult to cut through all the smoke for something that is actually functional, durable, and realistic to bring along.

Many times, products are not important enough to bring on trips where the product’s weight is an issue (remember when I stated weight is always an issue) – so, they get cut. If they are important, many times they weigh too much. It’s a constant battle between the importance of an item and its bulk and weight.

The Lumavine’s bulk/weight/importance ratio is well balanced in my book:

1. It’s roughly about 2” tall x 1 5/8” wide (about the size of a Keurig coffee pod), so it isn’t going to take up much space at all.

2. It weighs only 65 grams – that’s just about the weight of 2 AA batteries.

3. It is an important tool in my opinion.

Since the importance of an item is subjective between person to person, all I can draw from is my personal experience with any particular activity where I have used the Lumavine.

Any outdoor activity I have included the Lumavine in, it added quality to my overall outdoor experience. These activities include camping (car, backcountry, alpine), rock climbing, and home/car use.

The Lumavine adds comfort to any trip with it’s warm light; giving off the feeling of home while tucked away in your tent in the backcountry. Besides comfort, the functionality is fantastic as well. It’s so convenient to have a warm light already waiting for you in your tent when you arrive; no need for a blinding headlamp or flashlight. I also hang it from the rear hatch of my car for when in need of light when preparing for a late-night approach or early morning hike.    

Battery life is another important factor to consider when making a purchase. When I bring a tool along with me, I want it to last; no need carrying useless weight around.

On high (40 lumens) the Lumavine lasts about 2.5 hours, not incredibly long. However, on the Lumavine’s low setting (11 lumens) you can expect up to 8 hours of warm, comfortable light.

I rarely use the high setting; I find that it does not feel much brighter than the low setting and, on low, the comfort of knowing the Lumavine will last throughout the duration of my trip is reassuring.

I love the USB feature which allows you to plug it into a portable battery pack while still away from home (or left without power). I have never been on a trip where the Lumavine has died on me on a full charge. However, I have forgotten to charge them before bringing them outdoors and the USB feature along with my portable battery charger saved me.

Finally, I want to know if a product will last the duration of my trip in terms of durability. Cold weather, snow/rain, and frequent drops are all part of the agenda on my trips (for the most part). The Lumavine has successfully passed with all of these tests. Cold weather did not affect battery life noticeably.

After several drops while rock climbing, the silicon diffuser absorbed much of the impact – leaving the light completely operational. I have left these out in the rain as well and have not noticed any curve in performance either.

To me, the Lumavine is an all-around winner. Lightweight, durable, versatile, easy to use, and it performs flawlessly. The Lumavine performs in a variety of environments; camping, emergency car use, home power outages, and wherever else long-lasting light may be needed.

Finally, priced at only $19.99 for two, there is no reason not to give the Lumavine a try. You won’t be disappointed; I wasn’t.

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