The Lumavine Story

Lumavine Mini LED Lantern: A Bright Idea

Like you, we're avid outdoor enthusiasts. We love discovering and using products that work well no matter where we are. From car camping to backcountry epics, the right gear makes getting out there more fun and efficient.

And if a product adds a touch of warmth and comfort to our home away from home, that's nice too.

The Lumavine fits the bill. You can hang it up, place it on a table or hold it like a flashlight. Adjust the light pool by sliding the canopy up or down, and choose high or low light settings for more light or longer battery life.

We use it for camping, backyard parties, patio decoration and even indoors when planning our next weekend getaway. The uses are limited only by the imagination. 

It's compact too - the same size and about the same weight as a coffee pod! It's fast and easy to recharge it using the built-in USB plug.

The Lumavine is portable, durable, lightweight and fun.